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M12 M8 M5 connector& Spiral Cable
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Product News

How to choose a suitable spiral cable according to our own request
Release on2019-09-10We should know what kind of material we consider A.The conductor material have Bare copper and tinned wire Tinned wire is more expensive than BC.So d...Read More
Do you want to know about the M12 Y type splitter connector?
Release on2019-09-06M12 Y connector sometimes we also called them m12 splitter connector.The number of core have 2 3 4 5 6
Read More
VGA shield spiral cable with ferrite and wire harness
Release on2019-05-20In the April of 2019, SZ ARTEK released a customized vga spiral cable China supplier with a high elasticity for our European customer.Read More
M8 M12 connector New Package
Release on2019-02-18In 2019 year we release new package for m8 m12 connector.That will make your product show more attracting and beautifulRead More
RJ45 Cat5 Patch Cord Cable
Release on2018-10-12Cat5 RJ45 cable also called cat5 patch cable,cat5 patch cord.It main include UTP,FTP and SFTP type
Read More
4P4C 6P4C 6P6C coil cord
Release on2018-10-07Telephone coil cable also called phone handset cord.It mainly include pvc spiral cable or pu spiral cableRead More