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VGA shield spiral cable with ferrite and wire harness

  • Author:Jason H
  • Release on:2019-05-20
In the April of 2019, SZ ARTEK released a customized vga spiral cable China supplierwith a high elasticity for our European customer.

The product contain 12 core (5 core for PH 2.0 wire harness and 7 core for PH2.0 wire harness.The product use ferrite so the anti-interference performance quite good

The vga spiral cable use shield material of aluminum foil and drain wire

Other similar product we also do DB9 spiral cable China manufacturer,USB 3.0 spiral cable,USB 3.1 Spiral cable etc

Mor details about the vga spiral cable, please check at

Welcome contact us to ask price list of the spiral cable, we have more options for your choice.
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