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M12 M8 M5 connector & Spiral Cable
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Spiral cable


*Customer can inform us the information as below drawing specification before send you the exact offer.Details as follows

L : Length of closed coil

L1&L2 : Two ends straight wire length (180 degree or 90 degree)

D: The diameter of the circle or the diameter of the inner hole

D1 :Cable outer sheath OD


Conductor: Bare Copper stranded,Tinned copper and Tinsel Wire

Wire guage: ____AWG or ____mm²

Number of core: ______Core

Coil OD: ______mm (D)

Cable OD: _____mm (D1)

Jacket material: Black / Glolss Matt PU or Other colors

Coil Non-extended length(L): ____mm

Left side length (L1) :_____mm

Right side length(L2):_____mm

L1 L2 90 degree or 180 degree refere to the below drawing