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The Application for Spiral cble or Coil Cable

The Application for Spiral cble or Coil Cable

Jason H 2018-09-25 21:11:57
Shenzhen Artek Electronics is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of high-end complex connecting lines. Since 2010, the company has entered the field of spiral cable. our company has taken advantage of its professional advantages. From the initial foundry, it now has professional R&D production capacity. Products range: spiral cable, coil cable, PVC curly cord, PU spring cable, bright surface coil cord, matte retractable cable and so on. Today we will discuss the spiral cable produced

Category of spiral cable:
From materials can be divided into:
1. PVC spiral cable.
The PVC spiral cable outer core and the core wire are made of PVC material, which is relatively cheaper, but the elasticity is slightly worse than the elasticity of the PU spiral cable, and is mainly used in the relatively low-end charger and mobile power source.

2.PU spiral cable
PU or TPU spring wire is made of PU or TPU material. Compared with high cost and good elasticity, it is suitable for high-end automation equipment products, such as: automatic mechanical equipment, robots, automatic lathes, medical equipment, automobiles and other equipment.
From the material color can be divided into:

1. Bright surface spiral cable.
PVC or PU spring wire, the outer color is bright, called the bright surface spring wire.

2. Matte spiral cable.
PVC or PU spiral cable, outside the color matte surface, called the matte spiral cable. There is no difference in the function of the bright surface and the matte spring line. It is only used in different occasions. According to the color of the matching equipment, the product grade is invisibly upgraded.

The purpose of the spiral cable:
Outdoor leisure, cars, road control equipment, mobile lighting equipment, cables, automatic doors, elevator lifts, massage chairs, robotic instrumentation, electronic leveling systems, cranes, mobile equipment and tools, generator sets.
Spring wire characteristics:
Has good flexibility and elasticity (elongation length can reach 3.5-10 times the length of the original spring). Has good cold resistance, flame retardancy, oil resistance and wear resistance. Various types of spiral spring wires can be produced according to different requirements of the occasion.

Conductor structure: Use  multiple strands of copper wire (or tinned copper wire).
Insulation material: Polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene or polyethylene and fluoroplastics can be used to meet the requirements of different occasions.
Sheath material: Polyurethane elastic material is generally used.
Working temperature: According to customer requirements, cold resistance -45 degrees; temperature resistance 80 degrees, 105 degrees, 125 degrees.
Production range: Standard section: 0.12~4 square meters (special specifications can be produced according to customer requirements).
Number of cores: 1 to 37 cores (special specifications can be produced according to customer requirements).
Spring length: optional