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Do you want to know about the M12 Y type splitter connector?

  • Author:Jason H
  • Release on:2019-09-06

M12 Y connector sometimes we also called them m12 splitter connector.We are the M12 Y splitter connector China manufacturer.The number of core have 2 3 4 5 6 8 for client choice .For example 5 pin m12 y connector.It can be one male to two female connector .It also can be one female to two male connector

As usually the m12 splitter connector overmold material we use PVC black.However we also can do other material according to customer other request such as TPU The m12 Y connector contact is brass with gold plated.The insert is PA+GF black.The m12 splitter connector nut and screw is brass with nickel gold plated.We are also the m12 t connector China supplier

Our Main product is M5 M8 M9 M12 M16 M23 series connectors, for the M5 connector, we can made it in 3pin and 4pin, for the M8 connector, we can made it in 3pin 4pin 5pin 6pin 8pin, for the M12 connector.We can made the A coding in 2pin 3pin 4pin 5pin 6pin 8pin 12pin 17pin, B coding D coding X coding is ok us

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