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How to choose a suitable spiral cable according to our own request

How to choose a suitable spiral cable according to our own request

Jason H 2019-09-10 18:14:03

What kind of conductor material you should consider

A.The conductor material have Bare copper and tinned copper
Tinned copper is more expensive than BC.But TC performance is better than BC.However if you don’t have special requirement BC is enough

B.The material of core have pp and pvc.For rj11 rj12 telephone cable PP is necessary
PP material spiral cable have better elasticity.Of course you also can choose PVC.It’s also quite great

C.The cable outer sheath have PVC or TPU material.

TPU is best for the spiral cable especially for his elasticity.When you pull the cable back and force.It can still be retractable soon and have a good shape

How can we pick up the suitable length for the spiral cable (6 core spiral Cable Shenzhen factory)

No worry we can calculate the optimal cable length for you.You just inform us the cable diameter,coil diameter,coil closed length and both end straight length.

Then we will check the total pull straight length for you.Or if you have the samples on hand you can DHL them to us.Our factory will do the same with yours

If we would like our spiral cable with shield,how can you recommend
We can do the shield cable for our customer as below
1.Aluminum foil plus Drain wire
2.Aluminum foil plus drain wire plus TC/BC/ALMG Braid( 64/96/128 )

After read above information, do you want to sell the spiral cable in your online shop or local market?(we are 2 core spiral cable manufacturer China)
If yes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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